Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today is very special. You know why I say that? Becoz my whole family woke up very very early this morning. I was full of hope at that time. Hoping that mummy will bring me together wherever they plan to go! And YAY!!! They included me! and not only me. My sista, Sze Ern and Sheena also tagged along...My goodness...this is so exciting...

Before we start our journey. A Happy Family Picture!

And here we go...

Noticed any difference in me? YES! You are very right! Mum makes me wear the muzzle. Well, because I got too excited and started barking..Well this is their excuse. I think it's becoz mum is jealous over my beauty. That's she wants to hide my boootifull face...

Sze Ern pressing hard forward! GO! GO! GO! Everyone including myself tot Sze Ern will definitely give up half way. But she proves us all wrong!!! She completed the whole journey! KEEP IT UP GURL! We are proud of you!

YAY! We finally make it! Well...although it is not exactly the top, but this is the closest resting place near the top. So, we decided to rest here. See all of their tired faces? Ha, I am still full of strength!

Let you see mummy red and dirty face LOL

After a short break, we make our way downhill. And then we stop at the stream. Ooo...the water is so refreshing. I LUV IT!

I luv to drink the fresh water. And the cool water really refreshes my tired feet!

Even Aunt Sarah and Sze Ern also enjoy the water. Sorry ya...everyone is too engrossed with the stream till no one has the time and energy to even look at the camera.

Mum: Ok, come on girls! Let's go home!

Here's the two tired faces! I think very soon both of them will be in coma LOL

Hahaha...This two is better. Still very strong.

But of course. Nothing can compared to mum and I. We are still full of energy. We are borne to be with each other! YIPPIE!

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Amber-Mae said...

Wah! You guys went for jungle trekking is it? So early in the morning some more... Not sleepy meh? Oh poor you Sasha, how can your evil mommy do that to you,, make you wear that hideous muzzle??? I don't understand hoomans... Well, it looked like you guys enjoyed yourselves! Now tired?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

*Sasha* said...

hello amber,
yup. i don understand hooman too. but luckily after a short while, mummy regretted and took the stupiak muzzle off. Phew! Cant imagine wearing that the whole morning! Yup. Now feeling sleepy d :)

Urban Smoothie Read said...

i luv 2 go hiking 2....n most of d time, coming home injured...:(

Pinot and Angel Momo said...

hiking sounds so much fun!!

Momo xoxoxo

Ben & Darling said...

wow, you went to hiking???

That sound pretty cool, I wish I can follow too....I bet you all sleep early that day hah ??

Amber said...

Hi Sasha, I went to path walking somewhere near my place, it was really fun. Is a long way to finish too. You and ur mommy so hardworking, so early go jungle trekking.. My mommy too lazy..=3

Take Care!!

PreciOus said...

I've never been to a hiking before. It sounds like fun. Your mum and you are so energetic. Hehe.


Chelsea said...


You are so cute.

Not as cute as me though

Chelsea the supermodel

Chelsea said...

I can totally relate to your mom trying to hide your bootiful face because she is jealous.

I am a supermodel so my mom REALLY has a complex


Cashew said...

Hi Sasha, you are very pretty! Too bad you live to far away.

Lot's O' Licks

tuffyinsaudi said...

hi there, i just saw this pic and i thought u look so like me! hehehe... nice to meet u...