Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Yay, this weekend, I went to apartment stay with mummy and frens! Since it is mooncake festival, so we decided to have steamboat party! Here's some of the nice shots to share with you...
As usual, I am busy exploring the apartment to make sure that it is safe for everyone LOL

Ok, let me introduce you to Uncle David (holding a prawn) and Uncle Calvin (holding a knife). They are our chefs of the day. Uncle David is our Soup Chef while Uncle Calvin is the Ingredient Cutter Chef :P

Seeeeeee...they are so busy preparing for the steamboat party. Mummy's task for the day is phototaking. And I have a very important task as well...Guess what! Of course, I am busy SUPERVISING all of them!!!
See how busy I am. Dat is one IMPORTANT TASK that i have to make sure that the party is successful :P

Okok, everything is perfect. We get everything done in 2 hours. I am sniffing to make sure that the soup smells right for the hooman consumption.

Here's all the steamboat ingredients. We have big prawns, chicken, fish, lotsa fish balls, mushrooms, octopus and vegetables. What a healthy diet!

Here's the soup. We have 2 types of soup. This is the clear soup.

And this is mummy's favourite, TOMYAM!

Wow, this is my favourite actually! The chicken bones to make the soup tasty. How I wish I could eat all by myself.

Ok, dinner time...Everyone busy getting the bowl and soup etc. Sorry more photos during eating coz everyone is BUSY eating.
After the meal, we started to watch a few movies and of course some yummy desserts. I don get to eat though. It's all for the hoomans. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR to me!!!
Anyway, by 12 am, here comes our main event of the night....Uncle Calvin's birthday celebration!!!

Since it is in collaboration of the mooncake festival, so we decided to get him a mooncake instead :P See how touched he is since we treated him sooooo special LOL

Mooncake cutting ceremony

Group photo. If u notice me, I just can't get my eyes off dat mooncake!

I have a great weekend. Thanks to all for allowing me to tag along with mummy for the apartment stay and especially Uncle Calvin for allowing me to mess up his house :P