Friday, February 23, 2007

Play Time!

Playing with Sheena

Help, I'm being attacked!

I'm being attacked by my two sis....They just love to 'kacau' me when i am playing alone....but sorry ya...the video (esp the initial part) is a bit too dark...coz mommy's camera low battery d :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!! Hope all of you get big big ang pows!
Sze Ern sitting at the corner after being made to wear the cheongsam...Hahahah..guess she prefers to be naked than wearing cheongsam! :P

I'm wearing my new cheongsam which mommy bought for me. Nice ah? Nice leh....

Am I beautiful or what?
Sze Ern juz love to sit under the piano...Looking blur blur...

Sheena enjoying herself with my toy rope...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My new sister-Sheena

This is my newest addition to the family...I was shocked when i saw mommy bring her back...Mommy oso seems afraid that I might not accept her...But I am a very good girl..I played with her! Mommy soooo happy to see us playing together...

Sheena is indeed a very cheeky little girl..Reminds me when I was small...Hahahhahaa...
Unfortunately Sze Ern doesn't like her..Well, now she understands how i feel when mommy brought sze ern home...Hopefully sze ern will accept Sheena soon...Pray for us too ya!

After a long nite of introduction to our home, here is Sheena sleeping soundly...Good nite girl :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

See what mommy has done to me!!! She said I am too noisy..Keep barking at ppl...well...ok...I do admit that I am a bit noisy...but hey, everyone has the right to speak right!!! hmmm...

Ok mom...stop taking pics of me d....I am so so so.........ashamed of myself...You make me wear such an ugly thing...How do you expect me to meet people like dat!!! Oh...i need to find a hole to bury my face!!!