Monday, May 25, 2009

My First Experience At Furry Friends Farm

24th May 2009 - A very special day. We went to Furry Friends Farm for the very first time. In fact it is our first time doing volunteer job. Oops...forget to tell you all. 'We' here are referring to Sasha's mom and aunt. :)
Ok, back to FFF. It was fun!!! The dogs there are very friendly and all of them are happy. Well, they may not get to sleep in air-cond room or eat rice and chicken everyday. But, they are loved. Loved by FFF owner, Sabrina and all the volunteers there. You can see it clearly from their smiling faces. Here's some photos that we took there. Enjoy...

The cute pups!
This is Good Good. Very hyperactive and playful :)
This is Cash and Joey. Joey is the Alpha and Cash is very gentle. Both are great buddies.

This is Sweetie. Like the name, she is very sweet :)

Sweetie, Rocky and Cash
Some of the dogs at huge 'cage'. Don't worry. They have plenty of space to move around.

It's feeding time!

It's bathing time!

Wow, this one will sure smell very good after the bath!

HomeAPet gang at FFF

A short video clip on feeding the dog. See how hyper they are during feeding time. Feeding them is just like feeding the children. It's so joyful to see them eating happily :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank you for your kindness!

I would like to thank everyone for the kindness shown to help the dogs! We are going to Furry Friends Farm tomorrow as volunteers there. It's our first time there and we are very excited about it. But of course, 'we' here are referring to my mommy and auntie. I will have to stay at home. Mom said that it is not convenient to bring me along! Hmmm...I wonder when the hoomans will ever realize that i can help out as much as they can too!!!

Anyway, on behalf of all the doggies, I would like to thank the following people for their donations made to FFF. Mommy will bring them all to FFF tomorrow.

1. Ee Seang - cash donation

2. Kok Yeong - cash donation

3. David - goods donation

4. Eric - goods donation

5. Nicole - goods donation

6. Lily & Goofy - goods donation

7. Aunt Sarah - goods donation

8. Aries - goods donation

Here's the photos of the goods donation!

Will post up more photos after we are back from our trip!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Attention to all mankind with compassionate hearts!

These dogs are dumped on an uninhabited island where living is impossible. Thank God that someone realize this and brought into our attention!

Please help in any way possible to rescue the dogs. All life deserves to live! No one has the right to take it away!

You may go the link for further details

God Bless You !