Sunday, June 25, 2006

Notice anything different in me??? Yeah, that's right. It's my EAR! Not very sure why my ear is so unique, but mommy will always laugh when she plays with my ears.

On my mommy's lap. 'Manja' with her :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I am in my new home now. Everything seems so new and strange. I am a little bit scared but excited. So, I don't really have any appetite to eat. Mommy seems frustrated and sad everytime she tries to feed me. Heheheheehe...yeah yeah...I know I am naughty. But I want to explore my new home! Where got time to eat...hmm...anyway, mommy will always try to force me to eat my kibbles even if I don't feel like it. So, sometimes I entertain her a bit loh...:P

p/s: Me on my 4th day at home. As usual mommy likes to snap picture of me. Guess I am just too cute :P

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I am born on 10th April 2006 and have been staying in a pet shop in Penang ever since I could remember with my sister. Life has been boring and very routine. I have some other friends staying there with me. People come and people go. I don’t understand why. But one thing I am very glad is I have a sister by my side. At least I don’t feel secluded.

Then on that very day, 10th June 2006, a family came into the shop. The shop owner immediately showed them me and my sister. We were brought out from our little room and allow to roam around. WOW!!!! This is a blessing! All my other friends in the rooms start to get jealous and make noise. But, I don’t care. I enjoyed roaming and sniffing around. Then, one girl picked me up. She patted me and spoke to the owner. Then both of us were put back into the room. Hmmm…I wonder why….and here goes that day.

Then, on 11th June 2006, the girl came again!!! This time with another girl. I was brought out again and have a chance to pose as a model. YAY!!! But after a while, I was put back into my room. I was very sad. Kept calling the girl. She came and patted me. Spoke softly to me but after that, both of them went back. GOD, can someone tell me what is happening???

Then life became routine again for a few days until came the auspicious day, 13th June 2006. I saw the girl again!!! This time, she came and said ' Hi Sasha, it's time to go home!' and from that very moment, my life has changed...

p/s : Dat's me in the shop. Very 'hiong' leh