Sunday, June 14, 2009


We went Picnic on 13 June 2009. Had a dog gathering there and mommy decided to picnic there as well. It was fun as we have not been to beach for a long long time...

Relaxing at the beach

Aunt Grace enjoying herself :)

Mommy and me! Aren't we meant for each other ????

Sze Ern and Sheena posing...

Aunt Sarah said that this photo is like we are making MV (music video)...hehehe

Monday, June 08, 2009

Raw Feeding for the very First Time

Today mom decide to let us try something new. Raw chicken drumstick! She said that it'l be good for our health and so she decided to try it out. Oooooo...I luv it! I ate with no hesitation :)

Sheena also love it! Although as usual, she will sniff and look around first before she starts to eat. I think she wanna make sure that it's not poisonous LOL

After the meal- see my satisfied look!!! Oh, mum, I can't wait for my next meal!!!

Here's the video. As you can see in the video, you will notice 3 different character furkids handling the raw chicken differently for the first time.
Me - at with no hesitation (coz I know mom only gives the best for me!!!)
Sze Ern - Refused to eat :( (she sniffed and walked away. She always missed the goodies coz too picky)
Sheena - Sniffed and waited for a while and then only eat. But once started, she loved it.