Sunday, September 30, 2007


Last nite was great! Mum let us all out to the compound to play... While we were playing, she was cleaning up the compound. And of course, Sze Ern being very naughty, went and played with the water...And this is how she looked like after that....

And of course this is me! See the difference of the civilised and the uncivilised LOL

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Here's the latest picture of us! In our room of course. Sze Ern is still the same...luv to lie down everywhere she goes...and sheena has grown up too and well, as for me...I am of course, as pretty as ever and luv to bully my sista LOL

Take a closer look at me...Mommy said that I am growing fatter d...What do you think? Hmmm...if you ask me, I would say juz nice lor....Okok..a bit out of shape..but don blame me..Blame mom! She is sooo lazy to take me for an exercise. So it's all her fault!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am BACK!

Hey everyone, I am BACK! sorry for being MIA for so long...blame it all to mom! She was too busy to update my blog...As usual, busy with work lo...and recently also busy with 'relocation'...Hehe..Yup! We have all moved to a new place! A bigger place...So now, I have a big space to run about and to chase Sze Ern and Sheena...All of us are doing well. Thanks for your concern...Will update more pics of my new home soon...Stay Tune!

On the way to new place...Mommy stuffed everything in a big lorry...And you must be wondering where am I on that BIG DAY! usual, mom put all of us at a pet shop for GROOMING! She 'yim ngor chor teng'...Anyway, in a way good also b'coz while I was enjoying the spa, massage and a good bath, mommy was all sweaty and yucky :P

Oh,'s one of my latest pic in my new home! Well...mind you...I am not having 'butt' pain LOL just enjoying this pose...hahahahah