Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fashion Show

Here's some photos of me with some clothings from miloboy! Do I look cool???
Arrogant and classy, huh?

Looking sweet...

I look more like a sailor...hahaha...What to do, I was very sleepy at that time LOL

Noticed my sleepy eyes?

Looking blur...

Mum's favourite pic LOL

Monday, July 06, 2009

Trip to Sekinchan

4th July 09 - My first trip to Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor with mummy. Yes, you are right! Only both of us! Heheeh...I mean only both of us went to Sekinchan (not the whole family). We set off our journey at 5.30am. It was fun to go for car ride with mummy (although at that time i didn't know where we are heading :P) By 9.15am, we reached Sungai Buloh.

We met some of our HomeAPet friends there and then we headed to Bukit Melawati to meet more friends.

Me, enjoying the car ride :)

The paddy field near the villa where we were staying

Our 2 day 1 night villa (picture taken from car). Very nice and big villa

Me in my room :P

And of course, it's me again...exploring the place surrounding the villa

and I explore...

and explore again... to make sure everything is safe for both of us LOL

Ok, after all the exploring work, i finally rested on one of the sofa at the living area :P

Me in the swimming pool. MY VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE!!! Oh gosh, it was scary. Well, fun for mummy but definitely not for me...I was scared to death. But I think I heard mum said that she will want to let me try a few more times so that I get used to it....Oh mum, do you really think I can??? "Of course, my dear. You are a poodle. Poodles are supposed to be good at swimming. You will soon love it. Trust me :)"

Some of the furkids enjoying themselves in the water

Able, Misha and their owners resting at the balcony and enjoying watching other furkids playing with water

You want to know how windy the place is? See my ear and feel it yourself :)

Zeus sleeping soundly

This is Chelsea. Mummy says she is very obedient and good. Mummy said that I am very naughty and not socialable at all. Hey, mum!!! I am just being protective to you and myself. It's my job to protect you :P

On the way home. Me, sleeping like a pig along the way. Too tired to be protective anymore :P

Oh, guess what! I hurt myself!!! See the red spot there. I got it when I ran amok after mummy tied me against a chair. Mummy felt so guilty. Oh, she better be! She knows how timid I am and some more tied me to a moving chair. Of course, I went crazy and ran. As I ran and ran, the chair kept following me (almost the same as one of the scene in the movie 'Marley and Me'). Oh god was I scared at that time! But of course, mummy came to my rescue. Nevertheless, I still hurt myself. Sigh...

But all in all, it was a nice trip. Mummy hope that she will be able to bring Sze Ern and Sheena there in the future. Thanks to all who organize and participate in the trip.

" And also having to put up with Sasha's behaviour for the last 2 days :)"

Oh mum, must you say that???

A video of me swimming

Wanna know how desperate I am to get out from the pool???

Me, swimming to my own rescue!