Thursday, November 15, 2007


Monday, October 01, 2007

Yay. We had a mini celebration for my grandma today! Well, you know why I called it a mini celebration? That's because the hooman have the celebration among themselves WITHOUT us! So, they are guilt-stricken and decided to hold a mini celebration to make them feel better. Well, what the heck! At least I got to eat chicken!

Nice picture!

But nothing can compared to the yummy fried chicken!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Last nite was great! Mum let us all out to the compound to play... While we were playing, she was cleaning up the compound. And of course, Sze Ern being very naughty, went and played with the water...And this is how she looked like after that....

And of course this is me! See the difference of the civilised and the uncivilised LOL

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Here's the latest picture of us! In our room of course. Sze Ern is still the same...luv to lie down everywhere she goes...and sheena has grown up too and well, as for me...I am of course, as pretty as ever and luv to bully my sista LOL

Take a closer look at me...Mommy said that I am growing fatter d...What do you think? Hmmm...if you ask me, I would say juz nice lor....Okok..a bit out of shape..but don blame me..Blame mom! She is sooo lazy to take me for an exercise. So it's all her fault!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am BACK!

Hey everyone, I am BACK! sorry for being MIA for so long...blame it all to mom! She was too busy to update my blog...As usual, busy with work lo...and recently also busy with 'relocation'...Hehe..Yup! We have all moved to a new place! A bigger place...So now, I have a big space to run about and to chase Sze Ern and Sheena...All of us are doing well. Thanks for your concern...Will update more pics of my new home soon...Stay Tune!

On the way to new place...Mommy stuffed everything in a big lorry...And you must be wondering where am I on that BIG DAY! usual, mom put all of us at a pet shop for GROOMING! She 'yim ngor chor teng'...Anyway, in a way good also b'coz while I was enjoying the spa, massage and a good bath, mommy was all sweaty and yucky :P

Oh,'s one of my latest pic in my new home! Well...mind you...I am not having 'butt' pain LOL just enjoying this pose...hahahahah

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

OMIGOSH! I've been nominated by Precious for this great award. This is so kool...


It's very easy actually. All you have to do is to nominate 7 cool gals with blog, and then they pass it on , and so forth. is my turn to nominate. Pardon me if those that I nominated have been nominated before, coz this is a proof that you are COOOOOOLLLLLLLLL :)

I'm gonna nominate Molly, Pacco, Amber-Mae, Kyra & Amber.

Ok. Can;t think of anymore right now...

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today is very special. You know why I say that? Becoz my whole family woke up very very early this morning. I was full of hope at that time. Hoping that mummy will bring me together wherever they plan to go! And YAY!!! They included me! and not only me. My sista, Sze Ern and Sheena also tagged along...My goodness...this is so exciting...

Before we start our journey. A Happy Family Picture!

And here we go...

Noticed any difference in me? YES! You are very right! Mum makes me wear the muzzle. Well, because I got too excited and started barking..Well this is their excuse. I think it's becoz mum is jealous over my beauty. That's she wants to hide my boootifull face...

Sze Ern pressing hard forward! GO! GO! GO! Everyone including myself tot Sze Ern will definitely give up half way. But she proves us all wrong!!! She completed the whole journey! KEEP IT UP GURL! We are proud of you!

YAY! We finally make it! Well...although it is not exactly the top, but this is the closest resting place near the top. So, we decided to rest here. See all of their tired faces? Ha, I am still full of strength!

Let you see mummy red and dirty face LOL

After a short break, we make our way downhill. And then we stop at the stream. Ooo...the water is so refreshing. I LUV IT!

I luv to drink the fresh water. And the cool water really refreshes my tired feet!

Even Aunt Sarah and Sze Ern also enjoy the water. Sorry ya...everyone is too engrossed with the stream till no one has the time and energy to even look at the camera.

Mum: Ok, come on girls! Let's go home!

Here's the two tired faces! I think very soon both of them will be in coma LOL

Hahaha...This two is better. Still very strong.

But of course. Nothing can compared to mum and I. We are still full of energy. We are borne to be with each other! YIPPIE!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do I look funny or what???

Aunt Sarah managed to catch me in the act! Hmmm....I guess everyone must be wondering why I sleep like dat...Okok..actually I am trying to act 'cute' so that someone can come and rub my belly. So, how's my act? Successful ah?

This is the full view. Sorry ler....I know I am not being very 'polite' by laying down like dat. But what the least I make everybody around me laughs!

See my face? Notice that I am feeling 'high'? LOL

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some updates on Sheena

Yay! Today we receive parcel from Lily and Goofy. Inside got magazines for mummy, food for us and clothes for Sheena. Yippie! Thanks ya Lily and Goofy!

Sheena wearing the jumper given by Lily and Goofy. She looks pretty handsome huh? :P
However, the mickey shirt given by Goofy is a bit too tight. Hehehe..guess Sheena is not as 'slim' as Goofy thought she is LOL

Sheena is enjoying her every moment of being a model. I wonder what is she dreaming of. Hey, Sheena, wake up! I AM the supermodel ok!

Hahahaa...Sheena being caught by Aunt Grace. Wat a pitiful look :P

Me and Sheena showing our belly. Mum always say that we are very tom boyish when it comes to our sleeping pose! Hey mum, you are very very wrong. We are not tom boy. We are just ENJOYING ourselves ok!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Celebrity Tag

I am being tagged again!!! This time is by Precious. And this is one real tough tag. Mummy have been searching all over the web to find a picture with at the very least have some slight resemblances. So, we finally got one although not as good as what Precious has in her blog.

Precious: I just love your picture :)

Anyway, here it look-a-like celeb..Ms Reese Witherspoon

Ok...manage to see any similarity???

  • Our head! Both 'senget' to the right side
  • We are both blonde (or should I say apricot??? :P)
  • We have slightly curly hair
    And last but not least....we are both BEAUTIFUL!!!!'s my time to tag.....Goofy, Molly, Ben and's your turn!!!

Going to school!

Do I look pretty or what? I got new clothes from my fren, Coco d ACS.
Mummy says I look like children going to nursery. What do you think?
This is the back view of the dress. Don't you think I am ready to go to school?

This is the side view...

Ok, that's all for the viewing. Let me rest for a while before I show you sometime extraordinary...*Drrrrrrrrr drum sound*
Ok FOLKS, here is this...Ms Furverse 2007!!!(combination of Furkid + Universe)
**********teng teng teng teng**********

Do I look sexy in the bikini? Oh, mum! You shouldn't have posted this photo in the blog...Now I feel shy coz everyone get to see my sexy photo:P

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My 8 Pawfacts!!!

Cool, I've been tagged again!!! This time is by Jane & Molly to tell my 8 PAWFACTS!!! Oh, this is sooooooo fun....I LUV IT!!!! goes...

1. I will bug mummy to carry me to see outside the window EVERYDAY! And if she doesn't, I will kiss and paw her until she did. And I never failed!
2. I luv all type of fruits and vege and of course meat. But cucumber is an exception. It taste yuckie...
3. I can't sleep if mummy is not home. I will miss her sooo much that I'l cry.
4. I will not let other doggies bully my 2 sista. Me and ONLY ME has the right to bully them :P
5. I LUV ear cleaning.
6. I LUV going out for a walk.
7. Although I don't like to wear dresses, but I will still TRY to entertain my mum
8. I will not let stranger carry me!

Dat's my pawfacts. Ok, now is your turn. Kyra, Momo and Precious. CATCH THE BALL!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!!

I've been tagged by Goofy to show the silliest picture I ever had! Oh my, mum has been cracking her head to find the silliest picture of me! So, sorry ya Goofy to keep you waiting for so long....

Anyway, here goes.....
This is me, hanging and lazying around...Although mum has posted this picture long time ago, but she still thinks that this is very silly....How about you???

Notice something special in this picture? Yeap, you are right!!! My EAR!!!! Thanks to some kind of food that mummy fed me, I've become the sister of Jumbo (or Dumbo???)

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures...Mummy is hoping to snap more silly picture of me....YOU WISH!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Guess what guys and gals!!! We went for dog gathering @ picnic at the beach in Tanjung Bungah on 19 May 2007!!! And we had lotsa fun there!!! I got to know many furkids and hooman friends...All of them are very very nice...I hope there will be more gathering in the future for me to have fun :) Here's our group photos! Find me please!!!!
And of course, this is me!!! You could see how much I enjoyed myself by seeing my facial expression!!!!
And this is sze usual, looking a bit blur....Hahahahah...but she enjoyed the sand and the sea water too!!!
Same with Sheena...She's happily 'manja'ing with everyone!!!

And here is our beloved friend, Ms Nana!!!!!!!!! She has really grown a lot and she is soooo cute...Mummy likes her a lot until I felt a bit jealous!!!hehehhe..but nevermind, i know I am irreplaceable in mummy's heart :P
Oh, this is the only schaunzer in the gathering...Handsome looking...And can you see me by the side? Hmmm...I'm sure you must be wondering what am I doing...hehehe..okok..let me tell you....
Mummy fed me with cake! It's so yummy that I don't have the time to look at the camera at all!!!

Here's the 3 of us....We chose to look at others instead to each other...You know la....Everyday see until a bit 'bored' d :P

Ok, here's me!!! Hmmm...I wonder what am I curious at...Can't recall d...sorry ya!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Pressies!!!

Yay!!! I received more pressies. Thanks to Ben Ben and Zen...We love it a lot!!!
This is the handsome Ben...

And this is our pressies...Oh...I love carrot!! Enjoy the cool toys and of course, the treat as well :)