Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wierd Day

Me missing my bed :(
Today is kinda wierd...Saw mommy packed her stuff...was kinda curious as the whole family looked excited...Tot they wanna go for a trip without me! I was standing there looking at them and praying hard that mommy will take out my leash!!! and Holy God, she DID!!!! yay! this means i get to tag along...not sure where we are going but what the heck, as long as I am with mommy, that's good enuf...
After a long car ride, I tot mommy gonna bring me to somewhere special. But guess what! She brought me to the groomer!!! Sigh...what to do..reluctant as I was, Sze Ern and I was left there for a few hours...and we waited anxiously till mommy return to pick us up....
After a few hours, alas! Tot I am going home d...But she brought us to her fren's house...Hmmm...not sure why but we spent a nite there...I couldn't sleep...been walking and snifing around...I MISS MY BED!!! but mommy din understand...she asked me to be a good girl and say we will be sleeping here. Oh mom, are we going to stay here for good???

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