Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dinner at Isaki

Yay! Lately mummy has been bringing me out quite often. She says wanna make me socialable :P
Hey, mum, I don see any problem with me ok ??? Anyway, since she insisted, so I might as well follow her LOL

We went to Isaki to celebrate Auntie Ying's birthday. But it looks like I am celebrating more coz i get to go out and eat all the nice and tasty food :P

You see! Mummy so happy looking at me...I know I am beautiful, mum!

All the 9 dogs who attended the partwey!!!
Walk at Desa Park City

On Saturday, we went for a walk at Desa Park City. It is a very very nice place. We love the place a lot. I hope I can go every weekend...
Mummy, Aunty Shayne and my new gang!

Mummy and I walking..See the beautiful background scenery :)

Enjoying our evening walk :)

After a long walk...noticed our tongue??? Hhahahaa...this is mummy, me and neil neil...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Me at my new home

Recently my life has changed tremendously...Initially I wasn't used to it. But Thank God, the place where we stayed, Aunty Shayne n Uncle Simon treats me very well. When mummy is away for work, they even allow me to sleep on their bed in their aircond room!!!

Me sleeping soundly on their bed :)

Haha...this is me on their bed...Too comfortable to get up!

And this is me on my own bed...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some pictures to share...

Pictures taken during Chinese New Year 2010 by Uncle William...

Me and my siblings...Sze Ern (right) and Sheena (left)

3 of us looking eagerly at mummy

Sheena posing for her photo to be taken...

Me looking seriously (can't remember what I was looking at d...)

Sze Ern with her cheeky face...