Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dogathon 2010

8 August 2010 - I went to Dogathon 2010 in UPM. This is the first time i attended this event. I reached the place about 7 something in the morning and mummy and I went to register ourselves for some games. We participated in a few games:
1) Race of the Anubis
2) Master Hunt
3) Mummy Go Round
4) Rise of Giza
Both of us have fun together. The Race of the Anubis is the run of the day whereby participants need to run for about 3km. Both mummy and I managed to complete the run although we run and walk along the way :-)
Master Hunt is a game whereby I am supposed to find go through the maze within 2 minutes to find mummy. And of course, being a smart poodle like me, I definitely managed to find mummy LOL
Mummy-Go-Round is a musical chair game for hooman and dog. We have to see the signboard displayed to know if mummy or myself need to sit when the music stop. And guess what, both of us won prize for this game!!! Yip, yip, Hooray!!!
Rise of Giza is where I have to carry pieces and run with mummy to fit the pieces into the pyramid. Very interesting game too although this is kinda tiring coz mummy got no stamina LOL
This is me with my winning prize. Soooo happy :-)

Me with my prize and all the goodies that we brought home from Dogathon. I'm gonna have lotsa treats and food to eat :-)

Aunt Lily also gave me a cd called 'Music for Pets'. Very nice and relaxing music. Mummy played it for me when we got home.

Me sleeping soundly after a tiring and exiting day while listening to Music for Pets. Sweet dream everyone!