Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!!

I've been tagged by Goofy to show the silliest picture I ever had! Oh my, mum has been cracking her head to find the silliest picture of me! So, sorry ya Goofy to keep you waiting for so long....

Anyway, here goes.....
This is me, hanging and lazying around...Although mum has posted this picture long time ago, but she still thinks that this is very silly....How about you???

Notice something special in this picture? Yeap, you are right!!! My EAR!!!! Thanks to some kind of food that mummy fed me, I've become the sister of Jumbo (or Dumbo???)

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures...Mummy is hoping to snap more silly picture of me....YOU WISH!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Guess what guys and gals!!! We went for dog gathering @ picnic at the beach in Tanjung Bungah on 19 May 2007!!! And we had lotsa fun there!!! I got to know many furkids and hooman friends...All of them are very very nice...I hope there will be more gathering in the future for me to have fun :) Here's our group photos! Find me please!!!!
And of course, this is me!!! You could see how much I enjoyed myself by seeing my facial expression!!!!
And this is sze usual, looking a bit blur....Hahahahah...but she enjoyed the sand and the sea water too!!!
Same with Sheena...She's happily 'manja'ing with everyone!!!

And here is our beloved friend, Ms Nana!!!!!!!!! She has really grown a lot and she is soooo cute...Mummy likes her a lot until I felt a bit jealous!!!hehehhe..but nevermind, i know I am irreplaceable in mummy's heart :P
Oh, this is the only schaunzer in the gathering...Handsome looking...And can you see me by the side? Hmmm...I'm sure you must be wondering what am I doing...hehehe..okok..let me tell you....
Mummy fed me with cake! It's so yummy that I don't have the time to look at the camera at all!!!

Here's the 3 of us....We chose to look at others instead to each other...You know la....Everyday see until a bit 'bored' d :P

Ok, here's me!!! Hmmm...I wonder what am I curious at...Can't recall d...sorry ya!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Pressies!!!

Yay!!! I received more pressies. Thanks to Ben Ben and Zen...We love it a lot!!!
This is the handsome Ben...

And this is our pressies...Oh...I love carrot!! Enjoy the cool toys and of course, the treat as well :)