Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Barkday to Sheena!

Yippie! Today is Sheena's Barkday. And we get a share of the nice and yummy cookie cum cake too :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cookie from US!

Uncle David bought me a cookie from US. YIPPIE!!!
Delicious huh?

Ok, as usual...before I get to eat it, I have to post for some photos...

And after that it's Sheena's turn...

And then all of us...
But then, mum told us that we can only eat on Sheena's birthday! OMG, don't tell me I have to wait for 2 MORE WEEKS!!!


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Yay, this weekend, I went to apartment stay with mummy and frens! Since it is mooncake festival, so we decided to have steamboat party! Here's some of the nice shots to share with you...
As usual, I am busy exploring the apartment to make sure that it is safe for everyone LOL

Ok, let me introduce you to Uncle David (holding a prawn) and Uncle Calvin (holding a knife). They are our chefs of the day. Uncle David is our Soup Chef while Uncle Calvin is the Ingredient Cutter Chef :P

Seeeeeee...they are so busy preparing for the steamboat party. Mummy's task for the day is phototaking. And I have a very important task as well...Guess what! Of course, I am busy SUPERVISING all of them!!!
See how busy I am. Dat is one IMPORTANT TASK that i have to make sure that the party is successful :P

Okok, everything is perfect. We get everything done in 2 hours. I am sniffing to make sure that the soup smells right for the hooman consumption.

Here's all the steamboat ingredients. We have big prawns, chicken, fish, lotsa fish balls, mushrooms, octopus and vegetables. What a healthy diet!

Here's the soup. We have 2 types of soup. This is the clear soup.

And this is mummy's favourite, TOMYAM!

Wow, this is my favourite actually! The chicken bones to make the soup tasty. How I wish I could eat all by myself.

Ok, dinner time...Everyone busy getting the bowl and soup etc. Sorry more photos during eating coz everyone is BUSY eating.
After the meal, we started to watch a few movies and of course some yummy desserts. I don get to eat though. It's all for the hoomans. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR to me!!!
Anyway, by 12 am, here comes our main event of the night....Uncle Calvin's birthday celebration!!!

Since it is in collaboration of the mooncake festival, so we decided to get him a mooncake instead :P See how touched he is since we treated him sooooo special LOL

Mooncake cutting ceremony

Group photo. If u notice me, I just can't get my eyes off dat mooncake!

I have a great weekend. Thanks to all for allowing me to tag along with mummy for the apartment stay and especially Uncle Calvin for allowing me to mess up his house :P


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Melaka Trip 2009

4th Sept 2009 - We departed to Melaka at 6am. I knew something was up when I saw mommy packing my stuff the night before. I was already very excited. So, when I saw mommy woke up so early in the morning, I knew we will be going for a vacation again!!!

Our stop at Sg Buloh. We took brunch there. Had burger king...Mmmm...yum..yum...

N just about we were finishing our food, suddenly it rained. So heavily that all of us were wet. If you noticed, initially I was sitting by myself. But now, I have to sit on mommy's lap. No choice. The thunder scared me a lot. See my terrified face...

All 'wet'...n I wonder why they call still smile at the camera...

We arrived at our 'homestay' at about 2pm. We arrived later than our initial plan due to the many stops that we had along the way and also the heavy rain too. Aunt Grace was busy exploring the house. It is a nice and comfortable place. Everything is provided. We like the place very much.
Me and Sheena busy exploring the new place while...

Sze Ern resting (as usual LOL)

In the evening, we went to Portoguese Settlement. Very nice and relaxing place. And the best part is, they allow dogs!!! Saw some dogs there with their owners too :)

Posing for picture :)

My hooman still busy taking picture while we were busy sniffing the place

Mommy busy picking up our 'leftover' :P
We had our dinner at the Portoguese Settlement too. Unfortunately, we saw cats there. And due to our nature of loving to "TALK' to cats, we were the centre of attraction there. Luckily the restaurant owner didn't chase us out..phew...My family actually planned to 'disown' us already because of our nature...How can they blame us right?
Okay, after the dinner, my hooman decided to dump us at home while they go and enjoy themselves. They went to Jonker Walk, Melaka river cruise and also Eye on Malaysia.

Waiting to sit on the Ferris Wheel
The night view from the Ferris Wheel. Not very clear though...

5th Sept 09 - My hooman went for Dim Sum for breakfast and then to A Famosa for some sightseeing. As usual, we were 'dumped' at home :P

Nice view, huh!
At St Paul's church

I wonder what mommy is trying to do??? Got gold inside meh???

At A Famosa
Some nice guys singing some nice songs...

In the afternoon, we departed to A Famosa Resort at Alor Gajah for the ppcom activities.

Quite a number of people attended the activities this year. But the weather was super hot! But anyway, I participated in the Fastest Recall Competition and managed to get into the Final. But didn't win la...Anyway, mommy was very proud and happy for me !!!!

Some people just sit there and watch the dogs playing.

6th Sept 09 - We departed from the resort about noon time. And as usual, stop at Sg Buloh for our lunch and rest.

Me, sleeping comfortably on the way car...after a long, enjoyable vacation!
A video on the carnival show that we watched at Cowboy Town, A Famosa Resort. Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fashion Show

Here's some photos of me with some clothings from miloboy! Do I look cool???
Arrogant and classy, huh?

Looking sweet...

I look more like a sailor...hahaha...What to do, I was very sleepy at that time LOL

Noticed my sleepy eyes?

Looking blur...

Mum's favourite pic LOL